Founded in 2006, Tabitha Bargh is a Product Design Studio setup as a creative space driven by freedom; to make, to explore and to challenge expectations. 

Tabitha’s creative exploration is intimate and individual, led and defined by her love of materiality. A designer-maker on a journey, she finds joy in sourcing discarded, everyday materials and applying creative engineering and technicality to create products that bring together the wonderful and the utilitarian in unexpected ways.

Combining her admiration for humble materials such as cardboard, paper and plastic with a devotion to design purity and laser sharp precision, Tabitha offers the mundane a second life. Paper is reborn, plastic is reshaped and rubbish is reimagined into objects of pure and simple beauty. With sustainability and style at the core of every transformation, Tabitha brings charm and technicality to a manual and detailed manufacturing process.

Care, curiosity, patience and precision guide her design narrative of reinvention, enabling mundane materials to be elevated to objects of beauty.     

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