Do you supply the pendant fitting? The electrical cable that attaches to the ceiling?

I supply these separately for £35.00 in white or black - Here


Can I suspend my shade from my existing ceiling pendant?

Yes, I provide an adapter ring so that you can suspend your shade from a B22 (bayonet) fitting or a universal E27 (large screw) fitting.


How do you clean the lampshades?

Clean with a dry duster or compressed air.


What bulbs do you recommend?

I like to use a 'warm white' led bulb.
If you want to create a sharp pattern of light from your lampshade use a clear bulb, for a more diffused pattern use an opaque bulb.


Can the lampshades be used in a bathroom?

No, they are for dry locations only


Can I come to your studio to see your work in person?

Yes, just email or call to arrange an appointment. 


The lampshades are made of paper, do they last long?

They do, I have customers I am still in contact with who have had their lampshades for over 10 years, still hanging in all rooms of the house.
There's also a busy restaurant that's had my shades since 2015, and they are on nearly all day every day!