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CartOn C7

CartOn C7

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All our lighting is carefully crafted to bring warmth and wonder to interiors.

Handmade in our Brighton studio, every CartOn lampshade is patiently and precisely constructed using carefully sourced recycled cardboard and non toxic biodegradable glue. Style and sustainability combined to elevate the mundane into the beautiful.


Dimensions: D 305mm H 195mm
Materials: Recycled corrugated cardboard.
Sustainability: Our recycled cardboard is sourced from UK manufacturers and is made from wood pulp from European FSC certified forests. Our glue is biodegradable and free of toxics.
Maximum wattage: 100w incandescent. Also compatible with CFL and LED lamps of equivalent wattage.
Availability & Lead time: 1-2 weeks

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Waste and Wonder

Design inspiration can often come from the most unusual places. For Tabitha, waste and the mundane have always been a source of wonder. Curious about how the simplicity of a material such as cardboard could be transformed, for years she obsessively explored the possibilities of this everyday raw material. From art college to working at a lighting shop, her passion and creative thinking enjoyed the challenge of pushing the limits of what others considered to be an uninspiring source of waste.

Design challenges

Paper and Light. An unusual combination. Possibly an impossible combination? Ingenuity, determination and a spark of creative engineering encouraged Tabitha to challenge the construction of a traditional drum lamp shade and layered cardboard to create a sturdy, but delicate shade.

A source of delight

The result is a collection of cardboard-based objects of beauty. Sources of light, warmth and pattern but also of inspiration. The CartOn collection challenges materiality and creative thinking, bringing together a mundane material and design craft to elevate interiors in an original and sustainable way.