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Poly 5

Poly 5

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All our lighting is carefully crafted to bring warmth and wonder to interiors.

Handmade in limited batches in our Brighton studio, every Poly lampshade is carefully constructed using disused, locally sourced estate agent advertising boards. Waste and wonder combined to elevate the everyday.

Please note: Photos are only indicative of the colour.
The current available colours are shown last.


Dimensions: D 480mm H 305mm
Materials: Polypropylene boards.
Sustainability: The disused estate agent boards are sourced from local businesses and cleaned in our studio. All fixings are sourced from UK manufacturers.
Maximum wattage: 100w incandescent. Also compatible with CFL and LED lamps of equivalent wattage.
Availability & Lead time: We make limited edition batches of the Poly design. Every model is unique, with colours and patterns varying depending on the materials available. If you’re interested in a particular palette, please contact the studio for more information.

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Wasteful Wanderings

Plastic is discarded daily by so many of us, devoid of any aesthetic pleasure. But wandering around her local Brighton, Tabitha saw beauty in the most banal of places… Estate agent signs.      

Plastic Possibilities 

Having explored the possibilities of cardboard and lighting, Tabitha questioned the limits of plastic. Could such an mundane material be given a second life as a joyful interior accessory? Could its sturdiness be softened? Typography transformed into patterns? Curiosity and Creativity held the answers.

Pleated pleasure

The Poly collection has transformed the rigidity of plastic boards into pleasing pleated shades, casting playful patterns and a gentle glowing light. Its humble white exterior hides a typographical and colourful interior that comes to life when lit, creating a beautiful interplay between colour, light and and shadow. From an unassuming source, wonderful objects of art and design are created. The Poly shines an inspiring beacon of light on sustainable design that doesn’t compromise on beauty.